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Erik Hermansson

Born in 1984, I was brought up on the island of Tjörn on the west coast of Sweden. So it's no accident that most of my landscape photos depicts water.

I have been shooting with a DSLR, since January of 2013 when I first bought a Canon 60D, and already in October the same year I won a big photo competition were my picture of Breng in Lodalen, Norway, was shown in Times Square in New York, on 28th of April until the 4th of May 2014 on three super-boards, every 2 minutes, every hour, for the whole week.

In the end of June 2014 I had a photo exhibition which went very well.

In August of 2014 I started my own photography company and upgraded to Full Frame in the form of a Canon 6D.

Costumers, except for private persons:

Volvo AB

Live Business Media Group Sweden AB

Swedbank - Tjörns Sparbank

Marstrandskor.se / PAX Scandinavia AB / New Wave Group AB

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Making landscapes come to life.
Tjörn, Bohuslän, Sweden.
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